A World Imagined by Signs

Art of Halil Akdeniz is a product of an experimental quest, where culture is comprehended through signs and embodied on the ground of ideational approach. It reveals a reinterpretation of history, culture, and language through symbolic codes in a process the contemporary art is reshaped.

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The Problematıc Of Image, Identıty And Language İn The Works Of Mehmet Yılmaz

Mehmet Yilmaz's art, inspired by his autobiografical dynamism, is focused on the problems of image, identity, space and language which are the complications of our time; and it is formed by the search for how these problems will be expressed.

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Quest For Experimental in Printmaking

Among artistic disciplines, printmaking is considered the one with the most strict technical limits and rules. Such rules and customs as considering printmaking a paper-based practice, numbering, reproduction using matrixes, presentation mostly

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